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Welcome! My goal is to educate, inspire, promote and get people involved to learn about Ham Radio!

My name is Hayden and my amateur radio callsign is VK7HH. I live in a city called Hobart in the state of Tasmania, Australia. I also hold a US Technician license with the callsign KD9SSB. I post new regular videos so go ahead and subscribe to be notified when these come out.

The content on this channel will hopefully lead you to delve into and learn more about the ham radio hobby, electronics, experimentation and everything in between. Ham Radio is a fun hobby for all ages and genders.

I've been fascinated with radio and how it all works since a very young age, in fact I first obtained my license at age 14! I hope that the videos you find on this channel inspire you to have a go at something new!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VK7HH/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hamradiodx
Twitter - https://twitter.com/HamRadioDX
Website - http://hamradiodx.net


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Ham Radio DX

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Ham Radio DX

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Ham Radio DX

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