Amateur Ham Radio Shack Totally Destroyed by Lightning

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DX Commander

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Shared April 27, 2018

Almost everything I owned was totally destroyed in this strike. If this happens to you, I have every sympathy. It was a very difficult time for me. I discuss. Have you been hit by lightning - or do you know someone who has been hit? Let me know in the comments.

IMPORTANT: Sub-Titles help out some folks and non-English speaking people. If you are bi-lingual, you can help the others by contributing your time to closed caption subtitles here: Let me know if you've done this and I can give you appropriate credit.

My name is Callum, callsign M0MCX. In my "real" life, I own and manage Barclay Anderson, an IT Recruitment Company ( and I'm co-owner and Director of BarclayJames, a Web/Media business (

DX Commander Ltd was originally a hobby-business. Well, it still is. Turnover isn't even £100k per annum. The DX Commander "project" was a bit of an accident since the products I make and sell were the answer to *my* problems. So I made gear that worked for me. I don't make gear that doesn't work and although I'm considered "not short of a few dollars", I love the idea of making practical antennas economical, easy to build and as efficient as you can achieve on a tight budget (hey, I hate wasting money!).

My store is here: and I ship (almost) worldwide.
Russia seems to be too expensive however EU, USA, Canada and VK land still make my products economical when you include shipping.

Enjoy your radio folks. Good luck. Callum. M0MCX.
DX Commander Founder.

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